participant information


How does a meditation evening work?

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, meditation evenings take place regularly in accordance with the official event schedule.

It is possible to take part in individual or all evenings. Interested and newcomers have the opportunity to get an individual introduction to meditation on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. Please register in advance by email or mobile phone. Afterwards you can participate in the group meditation evening. Interested parties who have already received an introduction can deepen the meditation exercises with us.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to ask individual questions and to exchange ideas with the other meditators. On special request, another appointment for the introduction to meditation can be arranged.

What do you have to bring?

It is recommended to wear comfortable, loose clothing and to bring warm socks (preferably white or light color).


If available, you should also bring a seat cushion and a blanket or yoga / sleeping mat as a mat.


Who can take part?

All interested parties, with or without meditation experience, are cordially invited. No denomination is necessary to practice Vipassana. The unfolding of mindfulness and gaining knowledge from one’s own experience is independent of age, religion or belief.

What does it cost to participate?

According to the Buddhist tradition of Dana (= generosity, willingness to give), participation in the practical and teaching offers is free of charge. There are no fees for teaching, rooms and meals, and no donation recommendations are made. In accordance with the old rule, teaching should be freely available to everyone regardless of financial background. All ongoing and accruing costs are borne exclusively by voluntary donations.

People who have experienced the benefits of meditation practice and want to maintain the offers for the future can make a donation according to their own wishes and possibilities. The courses, events and offers are therefore a gift from other meditators, previous participants and general supporters.


Cash donation

Cash donation If you want to donate, you can put it in cash in the donation box on site. Since the meditation events are not carried out by a non-profit organization, no donation receipt can be issued.

“If the beings knew the reward for distributing gifts like I did, they would enjoy nothing without having given anything away, and the flaw of avarice would not keep their hearts spun. Even the last bite, the last Chunks wouldn’t be enjoyed without handing them out if they had a recipient for them. “

(Itivuttaka 26 – Dāna)