What is Vipassana?

Mindfulness meditation explained in more detail

Which means Vipassana (Pali)?

  • See clearly, see through, intuitive wisdom, intuitive knowledge, insight
  • Seeing things the way they really are
  • Clear, intuitive understanding of the true nature of all mental and physical phenomena in us and the whole world outside of us
  • Realize that everything in and around us is constantly changing, is insecure and this is unsatisfactory for us and we cannot control it
  • To be in the here and now, in this single moment with all our vigilance

Nowadays the world is full of hustle and bustle, confusion and confusion. Everywhere in the world, in every society, the same old problems and tense conditions arise that are so difficult to overcome. People are at odds, argue, get angry, are jealous, lie, cheat and steal. People slander each other and take revenge on others. Throughout the world, people fight and quarrel and annihilate each other for gain, rank and praise. These disastrous conditions are not natural; these painful conditions are made by people themselves. Every religion tries to solve these problems by encouraging people to do good deeds and teaching them to refrain from doing evil deeds. The fully enlightened Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, teaches people to do good deeds, to avoid bad ones and, moreover, to purify their own minds. Buddha discovered that in order to overcome the many kinds of suffering, the mind of man must be cleaned of the contaminants greed, hate and delusion. These impurities are the causes of unwholesome thoughts, speeches and deeds. These impurities are the cause of all suffering in the world. If the mind were purified, people would no longer do evil deeds. They could only do good, wholesome deeds. True goodness and happiness arise with the purification of the mind. The way to spiritual purification, the practical method, is the Vipassana meditation.

"What do we focus on “mindfulness”?

The meditation is based on the 4 basics of mindfulness:

  • Mindfulness of our body
    • ○his 4 main positions: stand, walk, sit, lie
    • ○bending, stretching, lifting, lowering etc. of his secondary positions and all positions, movements and activities of the body
  • Mindfulness of our feelings
    • ○ Positive, negative or neutral
  • Mindfulness of our mind
    • ○ Thinking, remembering, planning, craving, anger, anger, unfocused, calm, nervous…
  • Mindfulness of all spirit objects
    • ○ Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, thinking, our inner obstacles such as desire, anger, laziness, restlessness, doubt

Why is it good for us to practice mindfulness?

All suffering in the world, in our lives, has its roots in greed, hatred and delusion in the minds of us humans and all living beings.

  • Reduce, weaken and destroy these “3 spiritual poisons” in ourselves
  • Develop. Strengthen positive qualities in our heart and mind
  • Development of virtues, concentration and wisdom
  • Overcome grief and sadness
  • Reduce and end pain and suffering
  • Support our body’s own healing processes
  • Develop more serenity, tolerance, acceptance and inner happiness

What prevents us from being mindful?

  • Desire, lust
  • Anger, anger, aversion, ill will
  • Tiredness, laziness
  • Restlessness, restlessness
  • doub

What are the positive fruits of mindfulness that grow in us?

  • trust
  • Energy, willpower
  • attentiveness
  • concentration
  • Wisdom, knowledg

Which virtues support us in everyday life to be able to lead a calm, happy, peaceful life?

  • I abstain from killing all living things
  • I abstain from stealing, taking what is not given to me
  • I abstain from wrong sexual behavior
  • I abstain from negative speech, lies
  • I abstain from intoxicants that cloud my mind (alcohol, drugs)

The 4 components of practical mindfulness meditation

  • Mindful bowing: we practice mindfulness on our hands
  • Mindful walking meditation: we practice mindfulness on our body, our thoughts and feelings
  • Mindful sitting meditation: we practice mindfulness on our breath, our body, our thoughts and feelings
  • Mental sending of loving kindness, blessings